BAM! The wireless audio interface for your smartphone

BAM! is presented as a slice of a mixing console:

  • Adjustment of the gain in increments
  • VU-meter for visual level control and fader in the form of a knob.
  • Phantom power (+48V)

3.5mm jack connector to connect a headset to monitor what is being transmitted.

Range: 30m!

This small transmitter can also be used for live broadcasting. The delay between audio and video is imperceptible. It's less than a frame!

BAM! uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to send the audio signal from your professional equipment. It connects directly to a microphone or to the output of a mixing console. Pair it with a smartphone and shoot with your favorite app!

BAM! runs on iOS or Android with the following applications:

MoviePro, FiLMiC Pro, Mavis, Camera FV-5, LU-Smart (LiveU), MoJo Pro (Aviwest), CTpro and many others!

It is compatible with any application that allows you to take an external Bluetooth audio source.


Input : XLR 3-pin female
Impedance : 1kOhm
Frequency range : 50Hz – 7kHz
Sampling frequency : 16kHz
Bluetooth : STD 3.0
Range : 30m
Autonomy : 6h
Dimensions : 14.5cm x 3cm x 4.5cm